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Was hört ihr gerade?


Jedes Forum braucht diesen Thread :rolleyes:

Naja, Ohrbooten - An alle Ladies


geil...da sind ja gleich 2 mit gutem Geschmack....:)

ich höre gerade die Cd:

Century Child von Nightwish und anschließend ist Angels Fall First ebenfalls von Nightwish


Nightwish - She is my sin

Take heed, dear heart
Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you
Dressed as one
A wolf will betray a lamb

Lead astray the gazers
The razors on your seducing skin
In the meadow of sinful thoughts
Every flower`s perfect

To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear

A sin for him
Desire within
A burning veil
For the bride too dear for him
A sin for him
Desire within
Fall in love with your deep dark sin

I am the Fallen
You are what my sins enclose
Lust is not as creative
As its discovery

To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear

A sin for him...

Bless me, undress me
Pick your prey in a wicked way
God I must confess...
...I do envy the sinners



Nightwish - The Carpenter
Who are you?
Man condemned to shine a salvation
Throughout the centuries

Why was the wine of the grail
Too sour for man to drink?

The Carpenter
Carved his anchor on the dying souls
Of mankind
On the tomb of this unknown soldier
Lay the tools of the one who for us had died
Tools of the Carpenter

Part II:

The one they lick
The same old sick
Dream of their precious saviour

Kiss them deep
And make them weep
Over promises of eternal peace

Middle Part:
I hear you
Through the symphonic voices of nature
The purity I could never doubt
They tell me to lie on the grass
And observe my saviour
The one crucified to the chirping of birds

Let´s rock